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VW T5, T5.1 Interior Downlight LED Lens

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  • Easy To Maintain And Clean
  • Direct Replacement To Original
  • Choice of 3 Downlight Colours
  • Smoked or Silver Lens Options


FOR VW T5, T5.1

You are purchasing a BRAND NEW Interior down light lens for the above vehicle. These lenses are made using injection molding with a frosted finish. Lenses available in two colours of smoked and silver with a downlight colour option of Red, blue or white. Very easy to install these lights, this new lens will not interfere with exciting interior light functioning. you require to connect the LIVE wire to your headlight fuse or you can connect it using a preferred preference for the light to work.


A. When you are travelling at night-time with your beloved T5 you will notice the interior can be very dark. This can make locating buttons, cup holders etc. which can make your journeys difficult and unsafe driving by keeping switching your roof interior light on/off. After so many trials and years of experience in the field we have developed this to help all T5, T5.1 and T6 drivers.

PLEASE NOTE: This LED downlight Lens is not compatible if you have the map reading lights. It will only fit as a whole unit.

Product features

  • Unique design and manufactured my Van-X.
  • Manufactured using ABS clear plastic.
  • Designed to improve your comfort and visibility.
  • Very easy to maintain and clean.
  • Direct replacement to original lens.
  • Will not interfere with original downlight function.

Fitting and Configuration

  • You will receive a BRAND NEW interior downlight lens through the post.
  • Very easy to fit onto the vehicle within minutes, just need to connect ignition.
  • Fast Professional Delivery
  • International tracking provided
  • Trusted Online Shop

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