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Peugeot Boxer Rubber Door Liner Pocket Inserts - Black - Van-X

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  • For Both Doors, Set of 12 pcs
  • Will Cover Existing Marks And Scratches
  • Silicon Inserts Will Not Lose Their Shape

Silicon / Rubber Door Pocket Inserts For Peugeot Boxer 2023 - onwards

Black Silicon / Rubber Inserts Door Liner for the two front doors cards top and bottom inserts on either side for Peugeot Boxer.

This is one of the more niche parts and accessories available for the Peugeot Boxer Camper / Motorhome. These door pocket inserts are one of the latest upgrades for a luxurious and premium feel for your Peugeot Boxer.

Peugeot Boxer silicon inserts will cover all existing marks and scratches from previous use. These pocket insert organiser can be washed at any temperature, hot or cold, and re-inserted back into place within a minute. They will never lose their shape. They are OEM quality accessories for your Hymer, Autosleeper, Autotrail and many more motorhomes and camper van models. Even can be used as an ideal gift for motorhome owners. Using these Peugeot Boxer rubber inserts on your door card, you will hear no rattling noises. It is a simple mod that makes the biggest difference.

Product features

  • Durable and flexible Silicon / Rubber
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Reduces noise in the door pockets
  • Prevents scratches and hides existing ones

Fitting Instructions for Door Pocket Inserts

  • To fit these simply remove the packaging and insert into the correct door card pocket.

Manufacturing Code: 7FD-DPI-856-L-1       

Manufacturing Code: 7FD-DPI-856-L-2

Manufacturing Code: 7FD-DPI-856-L-3

Manufacturing Code:  7FD-DPI-856-L-4

Manufacturing Code: 7FD-DPI-856-L-5

Manufacturing Code: 7FD-DPI-856-L-6

Manufacturing Code: 7FD-DPI-856-R-1

Manufacturing Code:  7FD-DPI-856-R-2

Manufacturing Code: 7FD-DPI-856-R-3

Manufacturing Code: 7FD-DPI-856-R-4

Manufacturing Code: 7FD-DPI-856-R-5

Manufacturing Code: 7FD-DPI-856-R-6

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