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Van-X Curtain Bending Tool

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  • Suitable for all Van-X Curtains
  • Includes x2 cross-head screws for securing to workbench

Van-X Curtain Bending Tool

You are purchasing x1 Bending Tool suitable for adjusting all Van-X curtain rails.

This tool is perfect for adjusting all Van-X curtain rails, making it convenient for easy customisation. By using this tool, you can bend the curtain rail to match the shape of the window smoothly, giving you a perfect fit.

The curtain bending tool includes two cross head screws allowing you to securely attach it to your workbench or a stable surface.

For additional fitting guidance, check out our video Bending Rails.

Bending Tool Contains

  • 2x Cross Head Screws 
  • 1x Bending Tool  
  • Fast Professional Delivery
  • International tracking provided
  • Trusted Online Shop

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